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Diligence: Unlocking Upliftment.

“Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work? He will stand [in honor] before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭29‬ ‭AMP‬‬.

So many people just desire all the good things in life, but they do not back their desires up with activities or works that will bring about the actualization of their desires. Desires do not just come to fulfillment because you have it in mind.

If your mind is the last place the conceptualization of your visions and dreams ends, be sure that disaster is about to happen. I am not saying it is not good to dream or have visions, but if it just ends as a thought, it will not manifest because there is no action to back it up.

If there is one I have come to realize in this our Gen-Z generation, it is that we lack consistency, we want to start now and make it now. We so much envy people who have made it in that same field and want to be like them instantly.

But the truth is, it does not work like that. Everything in life goes through a series of processes. If you do not go through that process even if you make it somehow, you are likely not to last.

To unlock upliftment this year, you must have a track record of things you have been doing faithfully. I have not seen a company that promotes a sales rep who consistently does not meet up sales targets, nor a contract being awarded to a business slacker.

Diligence is hardwork. Hardwork is a great deal of effort or endurance. This means it is not easy, you would likely get to a point of giving up, and everything might seem as though it is not working. But, you keep persevering, you keep on moving forward, you keep on getting better, and keep improving.

Eventually, the day will come just like Mordecai’s day, when it will be required by kings to uplift, to promote, to award, to recommend and to decorate you, that day it will surely be said that you have come a long way keeping a track record of diligence.

Lastly, prayer and fasting brings you to the level to compete, diligence is what will stand you out amidst the multitude.


Say; Father, I ask and receive the grace for a creative mind and a productive life in Jesus matchless name. Amen