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God of all Possibilities.

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭1‬:‭37‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

This is a familiar story of how the Angel of God, Gabriel, came to deliver the goodnews to Mary that she will get pregnant and give birth to a son. Then she asked, how can this thing come to pass cause I am not married yet, no man has laid with me for this prophecy to come to pass?

She must have thought, I have seen married couples that are very old gave birth, at least we are a product of Sarah. In fact, while she was still asking, Gabriel told her that her relative, Elizabeth, that has been without a child for a long time is now even 6 months pregnant.

So, she knew if this has happened before, it can happen again but I do not have a husband yet, that is the problem now. But we serve a God of all Possibilities who brings forth something out of absolute nothing. This is why nothing is impossible for Him to do.

It has never been heard in the history of men, that a virgin gives birth to a child, never. But you know one thing, she never doubted the message of God. I do not know what God has spoken over your life, but if He has said it, that is all you need.
You don’t have to worry about how, yours is just to believe.

Gabriel knew that the message he delivered has never happened before, he had to encourage Mary and said “for with God nothing will be impossible”.

Just like Mary, I want you to take a hold on the promises of God, the prophecies He has spoken over your life. He is not a man to go back on His word, He will perform all that He said He will do.

Mary did gave birth to a child divine, he was and is the most holy One. For with God, nothing shall be impossible.

Father, I trust in you, I believe in your word and your promises. I affirm that your word which you have spoken over me, nothing shall stop it from manifesting in Jesus matchless name.