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A Christian that will prevail against temptation and the deceit of the devil is a Christian that has a deep and rich understanding of his place in the scriptures and his possessions in Jesus.

Most times what Satan does is, he uses what is rightfully ours to steal from us and cause us to sin. Let us go through two scriptures that would open our hearts to this truth.

Genesis 3:5 NIV‬
“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Satan disguised here as having a very interesting conversation around the forbidden fruit with Eve, he is encouraging her to eat the fruit among other reasons for the fact that it would make her ” like God ” what Eve failed to realize Is, she was like God already because she was made in God’s likeness.

In ‭Genesis 1:26, God already said that man would be made in our likeness.

Satan does this same thing to Jesus. Jesus was called by God as his son and after the 40 days fast, Satan uses that same identity to tempt him but he failed.

Satan is using your identity and your possessions to tempt you! Be a student of God’s word and understand the identity you have in Jesus.

You can pay for what is yours if you do not know it is yours. What would make you walk into realities free and at no expense is knowledge.

Go for knowledge!
Go for the knowledge of God’s word!

The Shift Has Come!!!