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Psalms‬ ‭100:1‬ – Everyone on earth, shout and praise the Lord!

You may have explored every avenue within the jurisdiction of scriptures to get answers to your prayers, this morning I want to introduce you to this strategy called Praise

If you have prayed, fasted, served and the mountain has not gone, if you have cried out to God and the wall of Jericho is still standing high and strong, begin to praise!

A man that can praise God is a man that has faith. Praise is a way we demonstrate our faith in what God has promised us

When you know how to praise God even Satan will be in a state of confusion

Everything Satan does is an effort to steal your praise and joy!

That barrenness
That delay
That sickness
That frustration

The target is your PRAISE!

Let me share a story

One woman was barren for many many years. She had consulted Pastors, she had prayed, the barrenness will not just go. One day she was grumbling to her Pastor and her Pastor told her the Lord wants her to just praise him


She started praising the Lord

She will wake up in the morning singing and rejoicing, she will rejoice and sing that God has done it

Unknown to her, her neighbour was behind her barrenness

After two days her neighbour said, this charm I did is not even working, it seems God has broken the power in it. She was saying this one this woman is dancing, she must be pregnant. In her wisdom she decided to loose the charm and dispose it since it Is now powerless. She losed and disposed the charm and the barren woman became pregnant

Praise is a strategy that will always work

Today, ignore your challenges
The school fees you have not paid
Your bad Cgpa
Your due house rent

The Lord is asking that you praise him, sit back and watch him stand up

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