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Isaiah 60:1 KJV
Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

In this wicked and dark world, the easiest way to allow the glory of God on your inside to find expression is to shine as light

There is a level of influence you will never command if you do not shine

The difference between you and the unbeliever who does not have the glory of God is light. Even beyond having light you must be willing enough to shine.

A man that cannot read and a man that does not read are not different. If you are not shinning you are not different from the one that cannot shine

Today, you must make a deliberate and intentional decision to be a shining light

The value of the light is not in light, it is in darkness. Begin to retire darkness by light

Do not seat around believers, go to the unbeliever with the light of the gospel. Light is only useful in darkness, do not run away from places where your light should shine in

As a student, have good grades

As a business man, do business with integrity and excellence

As a leader, replicate yourself in people and transform them

If you do 9-5 be exceptionally excellent

Do not bring mockery to the faith or to Jesus

As you pray
As you fast
As you fellowship

Please, shine the light!

Kings are waiting for you
Jesus is waiting for you
This generation is ready for you