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Structures of Prayer.

“Make your life a prayer.”
1 Thessalonians 5:17 TPT

Prayer is for everyone. It is a discipline rather than a grace; however, once you have disciplined yourself to pray, you receive the grace that comes with it.

Prayer should not be an occasional activity but a lifestyle. Let’s briefly discuss three structures of prayer:

  • Long Hours Prayer: Praying for long periods allows us to experience new dimensions of God’s glory. This glory does not come from a thirty-minute or an hour-long prayer, but from a lifetime of prayer. Long hours of prayer are not because God’s ears are closed, but for us to become more like our Father through prayer.
  • Scheduled Prayer: This involves planning and setting a fixed time each day or night to pray consistently. Without a regular prayer routine, one risks falling prey to the works of the flesh.
  • Intermittent Prayer: This is the essence of praying without ceasing. It involves praying at irregular intervals, prompted by the Holy Spirit. It can be as simple as a silent prayer under your breath when you feel moved to pray.

No single structure of prayer is the best. It is beneficial to engage in all three: spend long hours in prayer to experience the fullness of God’s glory and power, set a scheduled time for prayer to bring spiritual discipline into your life, and pray intermittently for an all-round victorious life!

These and more are the benefits you stand to gain when you engage in these structures of prayer.

Father, revive my prayer altar by fire, in Jesus’ name.