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Train Up


If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?
Psalms 11:3 NKJV

it’s another new day that the Lord has made and we would rejoice and be glad in it

it’s still our family month and we discussed TRAINING CHILDREN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO…AND THEY WON’T DEPART WHEN THEY GROW…. It’s fact that some of us only received training in some areas of life and did not receive in some other areas, whilst some did not even receive any training at all may be due to death or absentness of parents

my Bible says if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do… yes somethings are difficult to fix because of the nature and complexity of work involved…. but our God specializes in doing the difficult and He is able to help at any point we reach out in prayer

It’s never too late if you find out you have not been trained up emotionally,
if you have not been trained up sexually,
if you have not been trained up domestically
if you have not been trained up academically
if you have not been trained up financially
if you have not been trained up spiritually etc

We as youths are now responsible for our own lives so we can become model adults…forget who didn’t train you…Our destiny is in our hands. Make that decision to TRAIN UP yourself in that lacking area of your life today. Jabez cried to God and his foundations were rebuilt…. Yours can be too

I pray for us this day …
That the Lord would open our eyes to see and accept the areas where we need training

That the COURAGE to take that decision to train up ourselves be activated in us

That we would receive angelic assistance in our pursuit of a better life

That the God of Jabez would show up for you

That your own family would be a Godly model ultimately in Jesus name

Good morning
Much Love❤️